The Other Side of the Desk

cropped-Feature-BPRD-The-Devil-You-Know-1-Mignola-1.jpgThis October I left my full-time job at Dark Horse just a week after my twenty-third anniversary with the company. On October 3, I released the following statement through Dark Horse to announce my departure. In trying to write something that wouldn’t be too long, I wasn’t able to mention a lot of people who were essential to my decades with the company, many of whom I’m looking forward to working with in new ways as we go forward. There are too many to list here–especially for my debut blog entry–but please know that I value and am grateful for you all.

Last week, I notified Mike Richardson of my decision to leave my full time role at Dark Horse Comics after 23 years. I want to thank Dark Horse for the chance to collaborate with so many talented writers, artists, and in-house staff while I’ve been here, and especially to Mike Richardson for everything over the years. The best thing about a job like this is the amazing creative people you spend your days with, from the writers and artists to your coworkers in the office. I’ve learned a lot through my relationships with people here, and I’m particularly proud of sharing what I learned by helping others to get started in the industry. That’s one of the things I’m most interested in exploring now in new ways.

Growing the Hellboy line of books with Mike Mignola has been a particularly formative experience, dating back to my first few months at Dark Horse. I’m excited to hand that off to the talented Katii O’Brien, who I hired two years ago and who’ll now be my own editor, as I continue to write B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know with Mignola, and other forthcoming projects.

My focus as I go forward will continue to be editing comics and prose, and Dark Horse will remain an important partner. I’m also excited to connect with new collaborators and look for ways to reach new readers, to continue my own learning about the comics medium, and finally tackling some of my personal projects that have been idle too long.

I’ve made a lot of changes over the past two years, and this was a difficult but natural next step for me. I thank Dark Horse for introducing me to the best friends I’ve ever had, most of all my wife, Elisabeth. As the industry evolves, I look forward to contributing by listening, encouraging, and participating in new ways ahead.